Artist Biography, Claire Wills

I graduated in 1996 with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Humberside and am qualified to teach art in further education.

I have travelled extensively, gaining inspiration from a wide variety of different cultures and locations such as: Tanzania, Budapest, Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and also Cornwall and rural Herefordshire.

I strive to create engaging contemporary interpretations of land and seascapes through abstract ideas of places or scenes that I have photographed on my travels. I enjoy making paintings of wide-open spaces, which give a feeling of calm isolation where one can be lost in thought.

I like to use mixed media. Colour, texture and pattern are important qualities in my work. Layers of delicate papers are often used to create a surface. I use a variety of patterns and textures as a base on which to work. I often find myself painting over the original image with an array of bright bold colours. I am fascinated by the relationship that colours have with each other, and am forever exploring combinations, which are designed to provoke a response.

My most recent paintings are landscapes and seascapes, often inspired by the many pretty towns and villages of Scotland.

Claire Wills