Artist Biography, Arrabella Giles

My first career couldn’t be further removed than that of a jeweller - I was a lawyer in London.
In those days the main colour was grey. But I always had a love for all kinds of contemporary craft ( ok, I did find wood a bit challenging) and in particular, contemporary handmade jewellery. I am the proud owner of a veritable mountain of the stuff to prove it.

Having left the law and London behind, I worked for a time in a local craft gallery where I got the benefit of being surrounded by gorgeous things (and a rather too tempting staff discount) but still hankered to be my own boss. When I started to learn to silversmith a few years ago, suddenly all the pieces began to fall into place.

The jewellery.
I use traditional silversmithing techniques to create contemporary jewellery working with silver sheet and wire. I combine clean simple forms with anodised aluminium or sea glass to add a burst of colour to each design.

Arrabella  Giles