Artist Biography, Georgina Bown SSA

Being based near the East Lothian coast and the proximity to the sea has formed a fascination with sea-going vessels. Submarines have become a focus partly due to their menacing presence, power and because they are purely designed for a function which intrigues me. Georgina has been fascinated by exposing their strengths but also creating a vulnerability, rendering them helpless/defenceless. A background in metal sculpture facilitates an appreciation of the engineering and construction of these vast, beautiful beasts. She believes there’s an essential link between Printmaking and Sculpture, where the physical use of machinery exposes the senses of touch, noise and smell. Georgina likes to be physically engaged with her work which is why the disciplines of Printmaking and three dimensional Sculpture complement each others processes so well. Combining all of her proven skills Georgina produces unique and striking work.
The work Georgina has produced over the last few years is focused on creating Mono-Prints; this drawing style of Mono-Printing she has developed so she can concentrate on mark making as well as pushing and playing with the ink itself to produce one-off printed pictures. Each individual piece a statement in its own right – some intimidating, some fluid and elegant giving thoughts of silent creations coming up from the depths, mysterious, threatening, strong yet gentle.
Georgina studied at the Chelsea School of Art and exhibits her work with the RSA, SSA, VAS and RGI in Scotland. In 2018 Georgina was made a Professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. An award winning Printmaker who’s work has also been exhibited in London at: The Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Society of Marine Artists, Mono-Printing Masterclass at the Bankside Gallery and has also been shortlisted for the Royal Academy four times. In 2020 Georgina was selected for the Derwent Art Prize.
Georgina teaches Drawing, Design and Construction to Primary and High school students as well as tutoring in Life Drawing and Drawing to adults of all abilities. She specialises in private One to One tutoring with any age, especially children.

Georgina Bown SSA