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Dibujo Design – Gill Norval

In 2011 Gill set up Dibujo Design. Dibujo, pronounced di-bu-ch-o (the ch is like the Scottish pronunciation of loch) is the Spanish word for to draw and pattern. She decided on this as all her designs start with a hand drawing and I love to make and use patterns. As well as Scotland, she takes her inspiration from all over the world having travelled to many places and worked in textile design in New York and India. Colour is very important in Gill’s work and her favourite part of the design process.

Gill completed her degree in Printed Textiles for Fashion at the University of Brighton in 2004. After University she worked for a small Edinburgh Fashion designer and at that point started making handbags and purses and selling them through craft fairs. Over the years she has used her surface pattern designs more for interior than fashion and has found this is where her real passion is. Gill has been a self-employed artist/crafter for 12 years and ran her own gallery/gift shop in Edinburgh for 3 years. Having recently given that up, she has relocated to the seaside village of Pittenweem, in the East Nuek of Fife.

Ceramic tiles are Gill’s favourite medium to use designs on.

She uses these as tiles for kitchens/bathrooms, coasters and clocks. Gill’s popular ceramic coasters won 1st place for Best Product Award 2016 at Scotland’s Trade Fair. She also has a passion for working with wood and giving life to something old. Upcycled tables inserted with Dibujo Design tiles, make contemporary one off tiled tables. As well as up-cycled tables she make tables and lamps from scaffolding planks.

Available individually in boxed sets of 4.
mix and match any designs/colours.

Cleaning: wipe down with damp cloth or use furniture polish.
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Gill Norval