Artist Biography, Juliet MacLeod

Juliet Macleod studied at Central St Martins and worked as a graphic designer in London for 20 years. After stopping work to have a family she rediscovered her love of pottery during a short course at Gray's School of Art in 2012. Following a year of exploration and experimentation she founded The Cloud Pottery. Juliet moved to Aberdeen from Devon in 2010. She has been lucky to live in areas of immense natural beauty and this in turn has provided her with a huge visual resource.
"Brought up just over a mile from the Dorset coast, I have always been drawn towards the sea: from the early days of playing with murky, rust-streaked clay gleaned from Ringstead Bay, discoveries of sea urchins in deep turquoise Mediterranean waters, to more recent holidays spent sketching on North Uist’s white sand beaches.
I make wheel thrown stoneware pottery for functional and decorative use. I am influenced heavily by the surrounding marine environment and the naturally occurring patterns that I find there. I am self-taught and use time-honoured techniques of slip trailing, sgraffito and mishima. Both Scandinvian and Mid Century design are of significant influence in my work.
The weight and feel of a vessel are equally important to me… here too I reference the sea. Often surfaces are burnished like stones worn smooth by the oceans; some keep their throwing lines as reference to their creation."
These pieces are individually handmade by Juliet. As a result there may be slight variations in colour, finish and dimensions between pieces. The clay used is a porcelain white stoneware which is fired in an electric kiln up to a temperature of approximately 1240˚C. Although stoneware is extremely strong and considered microwave and dishwasher safe, careful use and hand washing is recommended.

Juliet MacLeod