Artist Biography, Roberta Pederzoli

All my fascination with metals started a long time ago, when as a child I was secretly pleased every time a temperature thermometer fell, breaking and releasing its mercury inside. Despite knowing it was dangerous, I loved playing with it, separating the mercury into little spheres and hypnotically watching them merge together.

However for many years afterwards I did not pursue any path which involved working with metals, stones, fire or soldering. It was only when I was playing with my daughter in a park in Italy, making necklaces and little crowns by joining daisies together, as I used to do as a child, that I suddenly realised I wanted to learn how to make jewellery. Although it was challenging to retrain in a field where I did not have any experience or knowledge, a part of myself felt immediately very comfortable and at ease.

In March 2013, when I was still a student, I won (as Roberta Hibberd) a Commended Award in Fashion Jewellery (QVC Special Award) by The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council also known as the Oscar of the Jewellery Industry. This gave me the confidence of pursuing a career in Jewellery Design and Making, hence Quinta Essenza was born.

​I design tactile and textured jewellery, recreating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance and enchantment by delicately brushing colours over my work. My creations are influenced by an intertwining of Italian culture and Scottish environment, having lived in Scotland for more than 20 years. I love organic shapes and think nature is an endless source of inspiration. I enjoy observing wood, stones, cracks, leaves, lichens and seaweeds, and find beauty where it is not always appreciated.

Roberta Pederzoli