Artist Biography, Sarah Koetsier

Hello! I am a ceramicist working from my studio in Scotland. My pots are all hand thrown porcelain decorated with coloured underglazes. I studied Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University with a focus on ceramics and glass and have continued working with ceramics since graduating in 2016. You can see some of my previous work in the Past Work section.

My work at the moment focuses on surface decoration and clean designs. My aim is to become a better potter technically, as well as develop pots with elegant and simple shapes and colourful surface decoration.

My process starts by wedging or kneading the clay to prepare it for throwing on the wheel. Each pot is individually thrown and once ‘leather hard’, a foot is turned on the bottom or the bottom is turned to be smooth. Each pot is then carved, smoothed, and made ready for their first firing, the bisque firing (fired to 1000 degrees C). After taking them out of the kiln they are hard ceramic and are ready for colour. I brush underglaze on to the surface and use a sponge to take some away. At this point I also draw on some of the pots using an underglaze pencil and dip some of them in a clear glaze. The final step is the glaze firing (fired to 1260 degrees C).

Porcelain is a wonderful material to work with but also a difficult one, it has what is called a clay memory. Any small bump made into it while it is wet, even if smoothed away or fixed, can return in the final firing. This means that each individual pot is different, each one has its own personality.


Sarah Koetsier