Arboris Folium III

Arboris Folium III by Robert Pereira Hind.
Robert Pereira Hind’s photograph captures the delicate beauty of Spring as leafy tree branches begin to bloom against a rich gold leaf background. Viewed from above, the intricate patterns and vibrant colors evoke a sense of renewal and natural splendour.


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Materials: Photographic ink and gold leaf on wood.
Robert Pereira Hind’s mixed media series ‘Out of Eden’ is minimal and striking, evoking the gold leaf technique reminiscent of Gustave Klimt (Woman in Gold), and the 18th Century botanic flower renditions not painted but via a photographic technique cross pollinating art interpretations.

These unique artworks are perfect in any setting being luxurious and beautifully decorative. They’re made by using acrylic paint & organic photographic pigment layered onto gilded wooden backgrounds coated with shellac and art glazes.

Robert Pereira Hind

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Dimensions 65 × 65 × 7 cm