Old Sea Wall, Pittenweem

Old Sea Wall, Pittenweem, by Jan Fisher. This watercolour painting depicts a serene scene of the West Shore beach with a sea wall stretching along the shoreline. The wall, made of sturdy stones, rises high above the sand and forms a protective barrier against the rough waves of the sea. The wall is weathered and worn, showing its age, with moss and lichen growing in patches along its surface.

In the foreground of the painting, there are old fishermen’s houses, quaint and charming cottages that sit back from the sea wall. The houses are small but well-kept, with a pantile rooves and small windows that peer out towards the sea.

In the distance, the iconic House on the Rock stands tall and proud, overlooking the seafront. The white-washed house is perched atop a large rock formation, rising high above the beach and the sea wall. The house has a traditional Scottish design, with a sloping roof and small windows that offer views of the sea.

The painting captures the tranquility and charm of the Pittenweem seafront, with its historical buildings and rugged natural beauty. The watercolour technique used in the painting gives the scene a dreamy, ethereal quality, with soft pastel hues and gentle brushstrokes that capture the movement of the sea and the changing light of the sky.

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Available unmounted (i.e. print only), mounted or framed. Unmounted items are packaged inside a strong postal tube, mounted items are carefully wrapped in flat packaging and framed items are sent by courier for their protection.

Media: Giclee print using light fast pigmented inks onto 225gsm archival cotton rag.

Artist: Jan Fisher


Unmounted: 288 x 125mm

Mounted: 432 x 274mm

Framed: 497 x 339mm

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Unmounted, Mounted, Framed