Sunday Walk, Roome Bay, Crail

Sunday Walk, Roome Bay, Crail by Mary McDonald.
Mary McDonald’s exquisite oil painting captures the serene beauty of Roome Bay in Crail, Scotland. With masterful brushwork and a keen eye for detail, McDonald transports viewers to this charming coastal haven. The painting showcases a narrow south-facing beach that gently kisses the Firth of Forth. The tranquil scene is brought to life with the depiction of a captivating rock pool, mirroring the vivid hues of the sky above. McDonald’s artistry is evident in her ability to capture the interplay of light and shadow, as the sun’s rays dance on the water’s surface. The distant expanse of the Firth of Forth adds depth and a sense of endless possibilities to this picturesque coastal retreat.



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Available framed in a narrow edged tray frame moulding (10mm face). Framed items are sent by courier for their protection.

Media: Oil on canvas


Image: 500 x 500mm

Framed: 530 x 530mm, outer

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 5 cm

Unmounted, Mounted, Framed