Fishing Boats on a Shingle Beach

Fishing Boats on a Shingle Beach by Jan Fisher. This image is a serene scene of fishing boats lined up on a shingle beach near Worthing, a coastal town in the south of England. The painting showcases the quiet ambiance of the beach with the light gradually fading into the horizon. The yellow hues of the sky are prominent, creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

The boats, with their intricate details and silhouettes, are the focal point of the painting. They are skillfully drawn with a fine brush, displaying the artist’s attention to detail. The boats are stationary, with their anchors firmly embedded in the shingle, swaying gently with the waves. Their unique features such as the fishing nets, masts, and sails, are carefully rendered with delicate brushstrokes.

In the distance, the sea merges with the sky, creating a seamless blend of yellow and blue tones. The sky is painted with the soft glow of the fading light, casting a warm and tranquil ambiance. The horizon is painted with a fine line of yellow, where the sun has set and is now replaced by the hues of the evening sky.

The shingle beach is rendered with a mix of warm and cool colours, creating a subtle contrast against the sky and the boats. The texture of the shingle is painted with a mix of muddy greens, browns, and grays, with the occasional glint of light reflecting off the pebbles.

Overall, the painting captures the essence of a quiet and peaceful evening on the south coast of England. The skillful use of color and brushwork evokes a sense of tranquility, making the viewer feel like they are witnessing the beauty of the scene first-hand.

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Available unmounted (i.e. print only), mounted or framed. Unmounted items are packaged inside a strong postal tube, mounted items are carefully wrapped in flat packaging and framed items are sent by courier for their protection.

Media: Giclee print using light fast pigmented inks onto 225gsm archival cotton rag.

Artist: Jan Fisher


Unmounted: 222 x 225mm

Mounted: 435 x 365mm

Framed: 500 x 430mm

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Unmounted, Mounted, Framed