End of the Season, Elie

End of the Season, Elie, by Jan Fisher.

The watercolour painting depicts the spotless beach at Elie, a charming coastal town in Fife, Scotland, at high tide. The end of the Summer season is evident from the presence of upturned boats near the water sports pavilion, surrounded by marram grass that sways gently in the breeze.

The beach itself is pristine, with soft, golden sand that contrasts beautifully with the deep blue of the sea. The boats are painted in washed out colours that stand out against the warm tones of the beach. Some of them are small and dinghy-like, while others are larger and more substantial, all lying upturned on the sand, awaiting the next season.

The marram grass is also depicted in fine detail, its long, green blades swaying in the breeze that sweeps in from the sea. The grass creates a natural frame around the boats, drawing the eye towards the town buildings, behind.

In the background of the painting, the town of Elie can be seen, with its white-washed houses and red-tiled roofs, nestled among the rolling hills that surround the town. The whole scene is one of tranquility and peacefulness, a place where time seems to have slowed down, and the beauty of nature takes centre stage.

Overall, the watercolour painting captures the essence of Elie’s beach at high tide, with its upturned boats and marram grass providing a reminder of the town’s close relationship with the sea.


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Available unmounted (i.e. print only), mounted or framed. Unmounted items are packaged inside a strong postal tube, mounted items are carefully wrapped in flat packaging and framed items are sent by courier for their protection.

Media: Giclee print using light fast pigmented inks onto 225gsm archival cotton rag.

Artist: Jan Fisher


Unmounted: 222 x 225mm

Mounted: 435 x 365mm

Framed: 500 x 430mm

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